Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Guess Who?







My favorite: 1982

Monday, September 29, 2008

My Chandler

"Mom, would you ever want to be a dog?"

"Ah, no Honey, I don't think so. Don't care for dog-food." (Trying not to laugh.)

"Oh, I wish I was a poodle. Poodles don't have to go to school everyday."

So, that just about sums up my Chandler. I never know what's coming next! I'm so thankful for Chandler and his effort-less ability to make me laugh.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Jammies at Cobb Ranch

At work on Friday, Justin (green shirt) told me that he was performing at Cobb Ranch and had free tickets for us. Of course, I jumped all over that! I was so happy that Jason took the kids while I was off on my lighthouse adventure. They had a great time and saw other friends from my work. Davis, Chandler, and Olivia loved it! I've hired The Jammies to perform at Davis' 5th birthday party in October and he is now very excited. They really are a fun duo and I hope they kick The Wiggles and Greg n Steve right out of stardom.

I did it!

I left San Luis Obispo around 8:30 am and cycled through Morro Bay, Cayucos, Harmony, Cambria, and San Simeon -- about 55 miles out, and 44 miles back. I even cycled on HWY 1. That was scary -- cars were merging onto the HWY and watch out! It was overcast as I passed through Cambria and the ocean was barely visible. The SLOBC helpers didn't think I'd be able to see the lighthouse because it was so foggy. Just past Hearst Castle, I stopped and looked at the elephant seals and other sea animals. The lighthouse was about 2 miles north and I was determined to see it. I continued to ride and there it was -- but only partially visible. I was so disappointed. Another mile out was a rest stop -- and I was tired. I was fighting against a headwind and exhausted. After a short rest, I headed back to SLO and the fog had burned off, the weather warmed up, and there was a tailwind to push me along. And there it was! The entire lighthouse -- standing tall, magnificent, and immovable. I thought about this lighthouse for the next 3 hours and compared it to my life right now and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Just like the lighthouse, Christ is always there. Sometimes we don't see Him because of the foggy layers in our lives -- but He is there -- and we must have faith that He will guide us home. I started to cry and wished that I could have His tender arms around me. I can't but I have faith that He will help me overcome my heartache. I felt impressed to leave Saturday night instead of driving home on Sunday morning. I needed to be at church with my family and partake of the Sacrament. Steps in the right direction. It was a physically and emotionally draining day but I loved it. I did it -- 99 miles!

Climbing a hill -- about mile 20. Just outside of Harmony.

Riding down the same hill -- about mile 80. Somehow I missed the turn for lunch -- which was about 5 miles before this picture. I saw every other sign and arrow! Needless to say, I chowed on a really, yummy Halibut dinner in Pismo Beach a few hours later.

Piedras Blancas Lighthouse, San Simeon, California.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Flowers Make Me Cry, Too

So, I'm a crybaby. There's something comforting about walking into your home after a long, teary, and emotional week to find a beautiful boquet staring back at you. Tomorrow I "compete" in my first century bike ride -- The Lighthouse Century, starting in San Luis Obispo. I'm nervous! The course is about 100 miles and I will cycle along the Central California coast. Jason surprised me with flowers and card to wish me good luck. Thank you, Jason. Wish you and the kids were coming with me.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday's Science Lesson

This is a picture of a neuron or nerve cell. I've always been fascinated with them and I think they're kind of cute; like a cell cyclops. Your body has trillions of them! I have a 90 minute Promethean project due Friday morning on neurons and here I am blogging about them. It's official: I'm losing my mind!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


My sweet, thoughtful, and beautiful sister published blackmail pictures of me on her blog. We took dozens of "not so pretty, but oh, so funny" pictures. We laughed and laughed and laughed. Very therapeutic! Try it sometime! Little did I know that Jess would actually SHOW people! So, 'lil sista' Red Hoodie in da blog house and da mama done post da sista' pics for all da friends to see.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Legos Made Me Cry

No, I didn't step on one. My plane arrived in Fresno about 11 and I didn't make it home until nearly midnight --too late to play with the kids. As I stumbled into the boy's room to kiss them goodnight, I saw this message spelled out in Legos on the floor. They really did miss me!

Monday, September 22, 2008


Charlotte finally let me hold her -- minutes before we left for the airport. She is one, special girl. I watched in amazement as she struggled with her physical obstacles and I thought about the hurdles in my life. Her sweet spirit reminded me of how each one of us are given tests and adversity in different shapes, sizes, and colors. We must never give up. I love you, Charlotte.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Rachel Ray: Watch Out!

Move over Rachel Ray! Doesn't our cake look so de-lish? Jess and I decided to bake a football cake in honor of BYU's crushing, shut-out game against Wyoming. It's a rather tall football -- but, none-the-less, 4 fluffy and moist, mouth-watering layers of chocolate mousse madness.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Silly Sisters

Sittin' on the couch, laughin', and just bein' silly, Jess and I show off our goofy side. Guess what we have in front of our faces!

Fly, Fly Away and Heal Little Birdie

I flew to Utah on Friday, Sept 19th, to spend time with my sister, Jessica, and her precious family in Logan. After a turbulent ride into Sin City and another bumpy ride into SLC, I arrived, half-dazed yet excited for the weekend with my dear sister. I've had some struggles and alot of heartache and just need to be around my 'lil sis. The last time I saw Jess was in August 2006 at a family reunion in Oregon. She was living in New Zealand at the time and I was so excited when she and her husband, Wade, decided to move back to the States. Jessica has two children -- Charlotte, almost 3, and Jack, who was born in July.

Friday, September 19, 2008


Olivia before her cross-country race against Century.
(Olivia's competitor giving the camera the evil eye!)


Olivia halfway done. Look at the determination in that beautiful face!

Olivia crossing the finish line. She came in 20th place out of 50-60 fourth grade girls.


Flashback Friday: Stylin' Chandlers

I'm not sure of the year but I know it was early '80's. I was about 8 or 9. I loved that dress. Santa Claus brought it Christmas Eve and all of the children were still awake -- and mom and dad were in the living room with Santa. Hmmm. My siblings and I were invited to peak into Santa's sack and he brought dresses for the girls and suits for the boys. My dad had been in the hospital recovering from back surgery and he was also Bishop at the time. He was released from Kaiser a few days before Christmas. It was a stressful time for my mom. I think she was shocked to see Santa in the living room! That's a Christmas memory I'll never forget. Backrow: Michael, Rachel, me, and Dave. Frontrow: Stephen, mom, Dad, and Jessica

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Jammies

My co-worker, Justin Debbas, and his friend, Chad Knutsen (who is L.D.S.), have released a children's CD, "Tummy Drums," and it's now available on iTunes. I'm so excited for them. My kids love it! The songs are unique and catchy, and I'll admit, I sing along, too! The Jammies also perform at birthday parties; if you're looking for a new party idea, think of them. Check them out on iTunes and spread the news to moms and dads with young kids.

Monday, September 15, 2008


This is Julie, the big-sister I never had, and my parents. I was looking at her blog and there was this picture of my mom and dad taken yesterday. My parents are vacationing in Arizona and stopped to visit with Julie and her family. Julie's mother, Barbara, was my mom's very, very close friend. Barbara passed away from Lou Gehrig's disease about 15 years ago. I remember saying "goodbye" to Barb the day I traveled back to Provo for Fall semester. It was heart-wrenching. Lou Gehrig's disease literally causes the body to waste away. There is no cure. A few years later, Julie's brother, Steven, passed away. Then, tragically, her father and sister -- each from different causes of death. I can't imagine losing 4 members of my family. I think of Julie often. Julie, you are an inspiration to me and I'm so happy to have reconnected.