Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas time IS the most wonderful time of the year. We had a great Christmas -- holiday programs, choir concerts, work parties, Christmas Tree Lane, Cindy Lane, goodies galore, giving gifts, acting out the birth of the Savior with a REAL baby, Hayes' first Christmas, wrapping gifts, enjoying Christmas vacation with Jason on vacation for 12 straight days, more food, 14 year anniversary, Christmas cards and photos........ and WONDERFUL family and friends to share it with. We love you!

Whose that cute kid with the green antlers?

Chandler is standing in the backrow -- green scarf (thanks, Michelle)
Jason and I made a yummy Christmas Eve dinner for the 6 of us.

Traditional photo in front of the tree -- dang, I have cute kids!

Gotta love the towels, sheets, blankets and is that Batman on the Shepherd's shirt?

Santa brings bears each Christmas.

That's Chandler -- goofy boy!

So sweet!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

We finally have some family photos to share! And, I'm so happy with how they look! Here's one of my favorite shots. I wish Hayes was looking at the camera, but babies are so uncooperative sometimes, I tell ya.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

So, I'm finally back to blogging after falling off the Blog Wagon for nearly 1 1/2 months; shame on me! Too much FaceBook, I suppose. Time to change my ways and start blogging again ...

My little Santa Baby on Halloween
3 months old

Don't they look great! I loved their costumes this year.

Olivia and her friend, Ryann, were in the school play, Scrooge.
They woke up early every morning for play practice.

Hayes chills with his cousins during Thanksgiving vacation.

Literally chillin' -- Utah is so stinkin' cold.

We had a WONDERFUL time with family in
Utah and miss them already.

We are BYU football FREAKS. We watched every game --more than once.We are looking forward to the bowl game.
Go Cougars!

Chandler played soccer this season after taking several years off. He did great and improved tremendously during the two months. We're so proud of him for trying his hardest!

This was Davis EVERYpractice and game. Full throttle!
Jason was an assistant coach for Davis' team this year. It was a great Father/Son bonding experience. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Davis' team was moved to a higher division and I could not believe the physical contact and aggression exhibited by these boys! Wow! These little boys are going to bring home the state title someday.