Monday, November 24, 2008

Blessed In Sedona

A year ago this week, our little family was staying in Sedona, Arizona. Red rocks, azure skies and breathtaking views surrounded us during a time of emotional and medical uncertainty.

I am thankful to have a beautiful girl! At times I miss her as a little child: Barbies, dress-up clothes, entertaining Cinderella skits, girly-girl Church dresses, pink sleeper jammies, and being home all day, following me around the house! She continues to amaze me and I cherish the time that I have with her.

I am thankful for my boys. I am thankful for the strong-willed personality of Davis. I know it will carry him through periods of trials and opposition. Davis has taught me so much in these 5 years including patience, unconditional love, and persistance for which I am truly thankful. I am thankful for his green eyes because they remind me of Jason. I am thankful for Chandler's kind words and his ability to make me smile without even trying. He has a kind heart and is a friend to all. I am thankful that we named Chandler after my family because I am reminded of my loved ones so far away.

I am thankful for Jason. He has endured a physically and emotionally challenging year and I am thankful that he hasn't given up on me or his Savior.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A True Blog About Blah, Blah, Blah

1) I was pulled over for the first time by a police officer last week. Yes, it's true! My July 2009 registration sticker was sitting in the glove box. I flashed my beautiful smile and the officer kindly walked away. How stupid can I be to stick the dumb sticker in my glovebox and not notice for 4 months! Please tell me that I'm not the only one that has done this.

2) I sat on my "You Can Advertise Your Business On My Billboard" butt for two days at a PLC conference. Thank goodness for Post-It notes and text messaging. Alice and I passed digital and paper notes back and forth -- in front of our vice-principal who was also passing digital notes. Today: Trying to figure out if one of the teachers across the room was wearing an artificial hair clip. It took us several hours to decide that it was her real hair. Yesterday: Checking out the hottie male teacher from Coalinga -- but the warts on the back of his head turned us off, as did the rolled denim jeans. Do you agree that teachers make the worst students?

3) I'm re-connecting with too many friends on-line and I'm hogging the computer. Hogging? Think of a synonym for hogging.

4) I'm craving a Sonic Blast. Peanut Butter Cups with extra Peanut Butter Cups, please. Did you know that Sonic only charges an additional 40 cents for extra candy? Did you know that it takes nearly an hour of running to burn off the calories consumed in one of those delightful treats? Now, is it worth it?

6) I'm pumped for the BYU vs. the lame Utes game on Saturday. GO COUGARS! If you can tell me the colors of these two teams, then you know you're Utah football.

7) I'm fed up with the Prop 8 battle. I love, LOVE the statement from Elton John -- he clarifies the difference between heterosexual marriages and homosexual civil unions. If you still don't know the difference, go to Yes on 8 homepage.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

An Artsy Weekend

Jason and I decided to do something slightly different with the kids this weekend. We introduced our children to the Fresno Metropolitan Museum Saturday morning and later took them to see Clovis West's production of Annie. Yeah for us!

At the Met's re-grand opening, we enjoyed an entertaining puppet show, children's activity center, ginormous feathered dinosaurs (and they were U-G-L-Y), peacocks, crafts, endless flights of stairs in a flourescent green stairwell, masked creatures running loose, and smiles by all. The young family scientist, Chandler, was in HEAVEN. I whispered to Jason about an hour into the tour, "he hasn't stopped talking!" I enjoyed reading about Archaeopteryx, my feathered friend from a BYU ornithology course, and took my time walking through the exhibit while Jason chased the boys around (hee, hee, what a nice wife).

Who are these masked creatures?

Saturday evening we took the kids to see one of my favorite stories of all time: Annie. Olivia and I saw a traveling production of Annie this past May and I was excited to hear that it was being performed at the Mercedes Edward's Theater in Clovis. Our friends, the Barberichs and Kelloggs, met us there with their children and everyone enjoyed the show and yummy Coldstone icecream for dessert. I loved, LOVED, the actress that played Ms. Hannigan -- she was absolutely amazing and my favorite performer. (And I loved, LOVED, my chocolate peanut butter perfection treat.)

I'm so thankful that I can share the Arts with my children and friends. I'm especially thankful for the creativity of others and talented artists, actors, and performers everywhere.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Bach Children's Choir

Sing! Sing! Sing! Olivia and Ryann have been singing in the Bach Children's Choir this Fall. Olivia absolutely loves it! She recently had a recital and I was so impressed. I have a love for anything musical and I'm thankful that my children are able to develop their talents.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Poor Baby!

It was a rough day for my sweet Chandler. After working months to pass challenging levels and to FIND YODA, Chandler was two levels away from finishing his Legos Star Wars II when the crisis happened. The one and only YOUNGER BROTHER erased Chandler's hardwork. And I don't believe it was accidental, either. Chandler has been upset for HOURS -- he even cried himself to sleep! What to do? What to do?

Will a hug make the pain disappear, Chandler?

I couldn't help but smile because I wish my problems were as minor as a lost video game.

Mommy's kisses make it all better! As if!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I took this picture in Stamford, England in November 2005. Jason and I were walking through a sculpture garden and I was intrigued by the outline of the people against the blue skies. I've been thinking alot about my trips to England and this picture came to mind. It illustrates how I am feeling. We must find our balance and continue to climb higher-- toward Heaven -- no matter how difficult the climb may be.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Wise Words from Chandler

I picked up my little second grader from school today and he had some big words of advice. Said Chandler, "If you vote for Obama he's gonna take money right out of your back pocket." Guess it was today's hot topic on the playground. Last week he shared comments made by friends regarding Prop 8. Raise your hands if you're ready for election day to be over? I'm ready to move on, to accept the results of History 2008 and to hear my little ones talk about recess and what they ate for hot lunch. Amen.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Oh how we love Halloween! The Witch, Frodo Baggins, and Obi-Won Kanobi had a great time running from door to door. After about an hour of trick-or-treating, we came home to hand out candy to the neighborhood children and dig into the goodie bags.