Monday, September 14, 2009

My 7 Week-Old Baby

Hayes is 7 weeks old! He smiles, coos, laughs, and sleeps! Jason weighed him today and Hayes tipped the scale at 13 pounds! Oh my! I don't like to use the three letter "f" word, but he sure is a chubby little guy.

Chandler's Baptism and Hayes' Blessing

Chandler was baptized on Saturday, September 5, 2009. It was a special day for our family. Chandler was anxious to be baptized and was a good sport about waiting two months after his 8th birthday so that Hayes could be blessed the same weekend. Both sets of grandparents traveled from out of state to witness this special ordinance. Aunt Maren, Uncle Aaron, Grace and Eve, and many close family friends also attended.

Following Chandler's baptism and confirmation, our friends and family followed us into the chapel to bless Hayes. There was a beautiful spirit present. Hearing the blessing pronounced upon Hayes brought tears to my eyes. He truly is a special little guy and our home is full of peace. He's my "calm after the storm."

After the baptism and blessing, we had a dinner party at our house and watched BYU defeat #3 Oklahoma. (The guys were huddled around the t.v. . . . .)

Our family with grandparents. Can you see the "disco" blessing jumpsuit that Hayes is wearing? All three of my boys wore that blessing outfit. I can't wait to have a professional picture taken of Hayes wearing it -- like the other boys.

I think this is a funny picture. It looks like Davis belongs with Aaron and Grace with Jason.