Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Day of School

Hooray for the first day of school 2009! We had a wonderful summer of Arts and Sports camp, swimming, diving, Dodger games, science camp, friends, and most importantly, the arrival of Hayes. However, we were all ready for August 24th -- Back to School.

Chandler and Davis woke up at about 5:30 and helped each other dress, eat breakfast, and pack their backpacks. They decided to wear their Dry Creek t-shirts to school.

First day of school tradition -- the slide picture.

My 5th grader.
My 3rd grader.

Davis -- my 1st grader. I choked up when I left him. Davis was unsure about going into 1st grade as a 5 year old. He said he was too young and should be 6 to be in first grade. It made me emotional. He has grown up so much this summer.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lovin' Hayes

Hayes is almost three weeks old! It's been three weeks of hugs, kisses, and an indescribable feeling of love in our home (and sleepless nights, but that's a given with a newborn).

All bundled up and places to go! Hayes looks like he drinks butter! At his 12 day appointment he weighed in at 9.4 lbs.

Two weeks old

Three of my 4 handsome boys!

Jason's mom, Carol, spent a week with us. Hayes is 9 days in this picture.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

All Is Well

I took this pic while Hayes was sleeping in his crib. I like his scrunched up face. And you can see all of his hair. He has the most hair of any of my babies.

Olivia with her new buddy. The first week . . . look at his double chin!

At the hospital around 11 pm. Fresh from Heaven.

All is well in the Parkin home. We're still adjusting to our little guy . . . mostly the lack of sleep, but we've had more restful nights than sleepless nights, so I can't complain. Hayes is now 13 days old today and it's such a blessing having a newborn in the house. We just love him so much. He had a check-up with Doctor Jones yesterday. Weighing in at an impressive 9.4 lbs, Hayes has mastered the skill of nursing and Doc was thrilled with his weight gain.

Olivia is attached to the little guy and will take him from my arms as soon as she wakes up. Davis has suprised us the most with his gentleness and concern for Hayes; there IS a soft side to my Davis. Chandler is a little uneasy when it comes to holding Hayes but always manages to give a kiss and hug. I know it sounds cliche, but . . . it's hard to imagine our lives without Hayes -- we feel so complete.