Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fun With My Hubby

Jason and I recently celebrated our 14 year wedding anniversary. Wow! I was like 14 when I married him .... So, we took off and saw a movie and ate a DELICIOUS dinner at my favorite restaurant, Flemings. OH MY GOSH! If you haven't tried Flemings, I highly recommend it. We have dined there numerous times and I LOVE LOVE it -- almost as much as I love Jason. My tastebuds are STILL watering and it's been a week since I've been there. Can't wait to go back for Jason's birthday next month. Enough about food, it's not helping my diet. So, Olivia took some fun pictures of us right before we left on our hot date. Here they are. Do we look like a happily married couple? Absolutely!


Jessica said...

I love those pictures! you look beautiful, Becky.

brittna said...

you're so should be a model

Jill said...

Heelllooo! Let's double date sometime!